Recent Commercial CD Releases

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Voices from the Ethereal Forest
Meg Bowles
Kumatone Records

Barbara Harbach: Orchestral Music VI
London Philharmonic Orch.
David Angus
MSR Classics

20th Century Masterpieces
Pierce & Jonas
Royal Philharmonic Orch./Amos
MSR Classics

Into the Eternal
Robert Raines
MSR Classics

Curt Cacioppo: Womb of the Sacred Mountains
American, Moscow, Borromeo, Emerson Sgring Quartets
Orenda Press

Meg Bowles
Kumatone Records

Fortuna Antiqua et Ultra, Vol. 1
Concordian Dawn
MSR Classics

Through Glass
Curt Cacioppo
Navona Records

Brahms & Rachmaninoff
Mary Costanza
Ray Pierpont
MSR Classics

French Music for Piano Duo
Baron & Navarro
MSR Classics

Music of Barbara Harbach: Chamber Music VI
St. Louis Chamber Orchestra/Richards
MSR Classics

Lex Korten Live in Concert

Discovering the Classical String Trio, Vol. 3
The Vivaldi Project
MSR Classics

Stardust: Music of Hoagy Carmichael
Tom George Trio
MSR Classics

Britten, Milhaud,
Finzi, Strauss
Slovak Radio Sym.
MSR Classics

Cacioppo: i, madly struggling, cry
MSR Classics

The Gilded Age
Newberry’s Victorian Cornet Band/Koehler
MSR Classics

Barbara Harbach
London Philharmonic Orchestra/David Angus
MSR Classics

A Better Life
Meg Bowles et al.
Mindful Music

Piano Sonatas
Leslie Tung
MSR Classics

Paul Reale
Stroke of Midnight
John Jensen
Naxos Records

Solstice: Music of James Naigus
Patrick Smith
CD Baby

Christmas in New York
NYC Children’s Chorus/Huff
MSR Classics

Paul Juon
Violin Sonatas
Charles Wetherbee/
David Korevaar
Naxos Records

Tom George Trio
MSR Classics

Barbara Harbach
Orchestral Music V
London Philharmonic
David Angus
MSR Classics

Philip Swanson
Gary Wood
MSR Classics

Meg Bowles
Evensong: Canticles for the Earth
Kumatone Records

Paul Reale
Caldera with Ice Cave
Lynn Philharmonia
MSR Classics

The Very Best of Ravi Shankar
EMI Classics

Schoenberg: Transfigured Night
Sherry Quartet
Naxos Records

Palestrina: Missa Tu Es Petrus
Choir of St. Luke in the Fields/Shuler
MSR Classics

Luigi Perrachio:
Piano Music
David Korevaar
MSR Classics

The Middle Quartets
Arianna String Quartet
Centaur Records

Abide With Me
Lisa Bontrager
MSR Classics

Daria Rabotkina
MSR Classics

The Late Mazurkas
Todd Crow
MSR Classics

Icon: Leopold Stokowski
10 CD Set
EMI Classics

Stravinsky: The Ballets
Philharmonia Orchestra
Robert Craft
Naxos Records

Stravinsky: Complete Edition (30 CD set)
Deutsche Grammophon

Bach: Transcriptions
Leopold Stolowski and His Orchestra
EMI Classics

Paul Reale
Concerto “Dies Irae”
Piano Sonatas
MSR Classics

Recent Live Recordings

Location Recording • Editing & Mastering
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Greenwich Public Schools
Honor Choir
Robin Chenot/Chris Anne Powers


Academy of Fortepiano Performance
Doctorow Center for the Arts

 “The CD sounds great! You did an amazing job. The final product is ideal for our goal!”

Roberto Perino

 “The recording is a well done, digitally remastered version of an earlier recording. Throughout there is a fine quality of sound which is warm and reverberant, but without losing definition or clarity in articulation. “

Bach:Organ Music/Barbara Harbach
MSR Classics

“Thanks so much for the beautifully engineered and produced CD of our recent Lyric Chamber Music Society concert. It’s not only wonderful to listen to, but it’s beautiful to look at as well.”

Michael Parloff, Principal Flute,
Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

 “Just wanted to tell you that I’ve followed the whole CD through now … It really is wonderful – a great sound. You have done superb work on both balancing and editing…Many thanks for your continued fine musicianship and skill in this whole project.”

Nigel Potts
Organist and Choirmaster
Christ & St. Stephen’s
Episcopal Church
New York City
The Angel’s Dream ( MSR Classics)

 “Thank you for making my first recording a fabulous experience!…(You are a) sound magician!.”

Daria Rabotkina
concert pianist

 “The master sounds fantastic.  I was stunned when I heard it. The definition of the instruments is spectacular, the strings sounds much better. Everything sounds wonderful.”

Robert Raines

 “A must for all early music buffs…a top notch recording.”

Bruce Reader
The Classical Reviewer
Works of DeManchicourt
Choir of St.Luke in the Fields/Shuler
(MSR Classics)

 “I just listened to the CD, which arrived today and I am ecstatic. I can’t imagine a better show. The sound is so good…”

Paul Reale

 “The recording quality handles the combination of string instrument and organ with such balance and clarity that it makes you wonder why more composers don’t try this interesting genre.”

Records International
Music of Karl Holler
Barbara Harbach
MSR Classics

 “I just finished listening to the final edit. It’s sensational! This recording has taught me how to listen to records. The sound you have captured is so perfect and life-like that I’m able to return to the exact space where I was, and find myself reacting in exactly the same way I was reacting to the real sound, as I was playing in the Academy. So every interpretive decision and dynamic nuance sounds exactly as I conceived it right then and there, and that’s what I hear again as I reproduce it … I know of no better piano sound on a record!.. You are truly a master! The sound is absolutely ravishing.”

Alberto Reyes
Piano soloist

Tchaikovsky & Leventritt Laureate

 “The performances are all exemplary, with Christopher Guzman a near-perfect accompanist to the soloists. Excellent sound, too.”

Guy Rickards, Gramophone
Reale: Children’s Palace
Borealis Wind Quintet
MSR Classics

 “A very fine disc with some wonderful music…the London Philharmonic plays with passion and energy in a wonderfully resonant recording.”

Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition
Barbara Harbach: Orchestral Music London Philharmonic/Angus

MSR Classics

 “David Korevaar measures this music as only an insider can, providing sumptuous performances in outstanding, gracious sound .”

Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition
David Korevaar
Music of Lowell Liebermann, Vol. 3
MSR Classics

 “this could well be the stand-out Palestrina CD of recent times. In short, if you only have one Palestrina disc, this should be it, and if you already have several dozen, you need to add this to your collection. It really is a marvellous display of intelligent and perceptive music-making.”

Marc Rochester,
MusicWeb International
Music of Palestrina
Choir of St. Luke in the Fields
David Shuler
MSR Classics

 “Biernacki wraps his pulsating baritone around Szymanowski’s urgent expressivity to keen dramatic effect… he treats each language with purpose and intensity. Baron is an exemplary partner, providing a fine sense of sweep and balances that allow voice and piano to interact as ardent conversationalists.”

Donald Rosenberg, Gramophone
Szymanowski: In the Mists
Krzysztof Biernacki/Michael Baron
MSR Classics

 “It sounds marvelous! Really too good to be true. Do we sound that good or come on…what did you do??!”

Mary Rowell, violinist
ETHEL String Quartet

 “The cinematic nature of the symphonies receives lavish treatment by Angus and the London Philharmonic, who illuminate every detail in these carefully crafted scores. Harbach’s music could hardly be better served.”

Donald Rosenberg, Gramophone
Harbach: Symphonies 7-10
MSR Classics

 “As always, you did an amazing job. Someday, I would like to learn to play the horn as well as you make me sound!”

Eric Ruske, horn soloist,
former member Empire Brass

 “..(Korevaar’s performance is) the best I’ve ever heard. … The CD’s sound engineering is excellent.”

Dave Saemann, Fanfare Magazine
David Korevaar plays Chopin
MSR Classics

 “We always look forward to our recordings sessions with you. As much as it is hard work you make it very easy and fun!”

Julia Sakharova
Arianna String Quartet

 “It was thrilling to hear the edits of our latest project–it was your patient efforts and calm encouragement that gave us the freedom to express what we felt in the music–and your uncanny ears and expertise to put it together. Bravo, again and again!! You really captured it!”

Zina Schiff
Concert Violinist

 “Thank you for the remarkable job you did recording Phil and me. I’m astonished at how well you integrated my voice with Phil’s music. You managed to bring both elements to the fore without making it seem too busy or conflicted. It’s really something–better than I could have imagined. “

J.D. Scrimgeour, poet

 “We are absolutely thrilled with the results of Daria’s debut CD, due in no small part to your magical skills in the recording process.”

Stephen D. Shaiman
Senior Vice President
Concert Artists Guild
New York City
(Daria Rabotkina debut/
CAG Records)

“Besides the exemplary work on the recordings, you really go above and beyond in trying to make the concerts a success. I would have been in deep trouble without your help.”

Mark Singer, Managing Director,
Lyric Chamber Music Society
of New York

“The CDs arrived today as promised.  Thank you.  They are truly beautiful to look at and even more wonderful to listen to. “

Art Simet
New Jersey Choral Society

“It’s great!  And you’re great!  You’ve done a flawless job…The Ouverture is a knock-out; it’s hard to believe it’s only 8 players!  Wayne, you’ve been great to work with.”

John Solum
Hanoverian Ensemble
International Flute Soloist

 “Really beautiful work…thank you so much for your attention and caring.”

Demetrius Spaneas

“People are simply blown away by the clarity and beauty of the recording”

Sarah Stanton

 “Thank you for your tremendous work on this project–we could not have done
it without your skills, both technical and musical, your inspiration, and
your ability to make us laugh when we got frustrated or tense.  You’re the best!”

Michelle Stebleton
Associate Professor of Horn
Florida State University

 “Recorded at Christ and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in New York (where Potts is organist), using the newly installed 15-stop Schoenstein & Co. organ, the sound on the recording is warm, vivid, and affecting.”

Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold
Fanfare Magazine
(Wagner/Elgar, Sarah Rose Taylor and Nigel Potts, MSR Classics)
 “The recording is clear and vibrant.”
Robin Stowell, The Strad
Zina Schiff/Cameron Grant
MSR Classics

 “McCallum plays a German Steinway and the sonics are exceptionally realistic and wide range. There is a reference to a special technology used in the recording… the final result is a cut above many other piano CDs.”

John Sunier
Audiophile Audition
(Greg McCallum: Voyage a Paris, MSR Classics)

 “Richard is the finest engineer I have worked with and Barbara feels the same way.”

“I’m so happy with this c.d. – it’s exactly what I’m hearing within me – you did a fantastic job – Thanks!!! “

Philip Swanson,
composer, pianist, trombonist
Associate Professor of Music
Salem State College

 “The audio checks out perfectly, and the graphics are both accurate and extremely clever.  You continue to amaze.”

Patrick Taylor
Director of Choirs
Greenwich High School

 “I loved the way you worked with the space as well as the balance you achieved between orchestra and choir. You did the Baroque sound proud!”

Nelva TeBrake
Baroque Violin Soloist

 … This recording is a highly polished, exactingly faceted, sparkling gem, combining the choir’s outstanding, transcendent performance, Palestrina’s renowned compositional genius and MSR’s absolutely clear, balanced and splendid recording and production… The recording of the Palestrina mass is among the finest recordings I have ever heard. I was stunned by it.”

Joel Thompson
Cherry Grove Music Review
Music of Palestrina
Choir of St. Luke in the Fields
David Shuler
MSR Classics

 “I could heap superlatives on this CD, but in the end it must be heard to appreciate Delaplain and Kashiwagi’s wonderful performance. The recording itself is of outstanding quality, accurately capturing the sounds of the oboe and piano to provide the experience of a live performance on a quality stereo system.”

Joel Thompson
Cherry Grove Music Review
Theresa Delaplain/Tomoko Kashiwagi: Souvenirs
MSR Classics

 “… the result is a recording whose lovely flow is evident from start to finish. The voices themselves are excellently balanced .”

TransCentury Blogspot
de Manchicourt: Missa Reges Terrae
Choir of St. Luke in the Fields/Shuler
MSR Classics

 “I am emailing to congratulate you and your choir on a superb recording of music by Manchicourt… in my opinion you and your choir do him ample justice. Thank you for an hour of wonderful music, beautifully recorded, and excellently sung.”

Richard Turbet
Honorary Research Fellow,
University of Aberdeen, Scotland
de Manchicourt: Missa Reges Terrae
Choir of St. Luke in the Fields/Shuler
MSR Classics

 “[This recording] is stunning. For a start, the programming is sensible and illuminating, underscored by some outstanding sleevenotes…
The mixed professional choir sings two to a part. The acoustic is generous. David Shuler adjusts his tempi sensitively in relation to the number of voices in play and whether the music at a given point is polyphonic or homophonic, complicated or straightforward. The individual singers give their lines clarity but blend well. And finally, conductor and choristers perform with conviction, letting Manchicourt’s heavenly music sing for itself… buy this disc with confidence – not least because these fine performers deserve support for recording this glorious repertory.”

Richard Turbet, Early Music Review
Music of DeManchicourt
Choir of St. Luke in the Fields
David Shuler
MSR Classics

“You are the best in the business.”

Kerry Turner
member, American Horn  Quartet

 “Harbach’s symphonic music as represented here is listenable, skillfully composed, well orchestrated, well performed, and beautifully recorded.”
Elizabeth Vercoe,

Journal of the International Alliance for Women in Music
Harbach: Orchestral Music, Vol. 2
London Philharmonic/Angus
MSR Classics

 “…the sound on the recording is warm, vivid, and affecting.”

Carla Maria Verdino-Suellwold
Fanfare magazine
Sarah Rose Taylor/Nigel Potts
Wagner/Elgar (MSR Classics)

 “The sound, recorded at the fabled Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, is magical.”

Laurence Vittes
The Gramophone
(Giannini: Chamber Music, MSR Classics)

 “This radiant new Palestrina recital from the Greenwich Village-based Choir of St Luke in the Fields commands tonal beauty and emotional flow that has a personal feel…The warm, spacious recordings – made not at St Luke’s in the West Village but at the Church of St Mary the Virgin in midtown Manhattan – provide an audiophile display of Palestrina’s vivid writing. The blending of the voices halfway through Tu es Petrus is quite astonishing…the microphones capture the women with an especially lovely bloom.”

Laurence Vittes, The Gramophone
Palestrina: Missa Tu es Petrus
Choir of St. Luke in the Fields/
David Shuler
MSR Classics

 “stands out from the crowd for Henry Dehlinger’s exquisite piano playing, the opportunity to hear Turina’s Tres Arias, and the gorgeous MSR Classics recording… Talamantes shines radiantly, as if the composer had been writing specifically for her voice…it becomes one of those audiophile experiences where every sound is captured in detail so naturally placed within its acoustic environment that it can serve as a touchstone for capturing musical excellence.”

Laurence Vittes, The Gramophone
(Danielle Talamantes & Henry Dehlinger Canciones Espanolas, MSR Classics)

 “I cannot thank you enough for being such an inspiration to us during our recording session. Many musicians don’t seem to realize that working with a professional producer in the studio can make a huge difference for them, affecting their performance in positive way, making the whole experience more challenging, yet – more liberating.

There were many beautiful and “magical” moments during performance, and I am so glad that those moments had found their way into the final mix. It seems that both felt a certain freedom during the recording session, and the resulting interpretation of songs became sensitive and expressive. I think that the three of us left after the session that day with a clear realization that we had worked with a great producer.”

Max Vladimiroff

 “Thank you so much for making the recording process so enjoyable, for helping to keep it focused, and for your professional guidance and very positive energy. “

Nadejda Vlaeva
piano soloist

 “You really brought the sound quality to a higher level. I love it! “

Meira Warshauer

 “Thank you so much for everything you have done throughout the process. You have been so professional, on-the-ball, and helpful. I really enjoyed it!”

Kara Kirkendoll Welch
Dallas Symphony Orchestra

In Sure and Certain Hope has come out extremely well, and I am so grateful for your expert and patient guidance with the whole project. It is already selling like hotcakes, and people are most impressed.”

Nicholas White,
Artistic Director, The Tiffany Consort

 “Thanks for your technical expertise and spot-on musicianship “

Judith Lang Zaimont

 “…the sound is spectacular and congratulations. I always had trouble listening to this album because the sound did not reflect the way the group sounded live and you and Richard have corrected that….it truly is a “tour de force”!! …can’t tell you how thrilled I am. The sound is great….Magic !!!!”

“Just got the mastered “Too Marvelous” album and listening to it now and wow Richard did a great job !  It is nice and warm and it transports me back to 52nd street during the “golden age of Jazz” and I am very pleased…”

Glenn Zottola
Jazz artist